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Do you want to paint your home? Are looking for a trusted and experienced name in house painting? Are you searching for a painting service which will offer you valuable input and make your house look spectacular after the paint job? Then look no further you are in the right place.

Paint my house is the place to be for any kind of house painting requirement. So whether you are looking for a paint job that transforms your house into the sanctuary of your dreams or looking to simply repair and restore the walls at home or want a quick but quality paint job before a special occasion we are the people for you.

So no more

  • unprofessional contractors with a bad attitude,
  • inept contractors who do not understand your paint requirement,
  • worry on the quality of materials used for the paint job,
  • worry on kind of method used on the job,
  • inordinate waiting to finish the paint job,
  • stress of packing/unpacking stuff around the house during and after painting,

What also adds to the stress of getting your house painted is the amount of options available, be it the types of paints or types of finishes and of course the multitude of color options available making the right choice can become a mind boggling complex affair.

At Paint my house we ensure that house painting is a hassle free, simple and pleasurable experience, which leaves the customer feeling delighted with the end result. We at Paint my house adopt best practices followed both locally and internationally to ensure customer delight.

We follow a 3 step approach to ensure painting is completed on time with minimum disruption to your daily schedule.

  1. Understand Understanding customer requirement is a crucial first step in the painting process. This step is the foundation for ensuring an excellent job. Our painting experts sit with the customer and understand if the customers are looking for a repair and restore paint job, renovate new look paint job, or stop gap quick paint job. Based on the painting requirement we draw up a proposal containing schedule, paint color options, texture options, manufacture options and estimate. In case the customer so desires we will also paint up a sample wall to help customers visualize and aid in their decision making.
  2. Prepare 99.9 percent of all bad jobs are result of poor or no prep work being done. We follow manufactures guidelines for preparation of paints and primers, no watered down paints or skipping applying coats of paint. We make sure walls are scrubbed clean of previous loose and peeled paint to ensure that new paint applied has a clean smooth surface. We allow POP and primer to air dry properly before paint is applied.
  3. Apprise we update our customers regularly on the progress of the paint jobs. We also take into account customer concerns if any about any aspect of the painting.
  4. Delight - the end result with all our jobs is the same. Our customers are always delighted with the job we have done.

Our Services

Paint my house we will help you find colors that best suit your home and reflect .. More>>

Our Portfolio

Paint my house undertakes painting of both interior and exterior walls .. More>>

Service Offered :

  • Interior wall painting
  • Exterior wall painting
  • Metal Surface painting
  • Wooden Surface painting
  • Textured finishes
  • Kids room theme painting
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